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There a few things to consider when toilet training your child or preschooler. Let's talk about the important thing points.

What age should I start toilet training my child?

Somewhere between 18 and Two years is a great age. 22 months appears to be the special moment number for many. You can start at a younger age however your child may not be ready in terms of bowel and bladder control. They also might not have the physical and cognitive skills to take their pants off in time. I've come across children as early as 15 months toilet trained however this is rare and training before 22 months may be a set up of for failure.

What are some signs of readiness?

   Your toddler can remain dry for any 2 hour stretch and wakes up dry after most naps.
   He can pull his pants down, or learn how to undress.
   Has regular predictable bowel movements.
   Understands simple directions.
   Can sit still for a few (2-5 ) minutes.
   Understands bathroom lingo for example "pee pee" or "poop".
   Shows curiosity about learning and is interested in your bathroom habits or even the potty.

How do you start toilet training?

"Pre-train" your son or daughter for a couple of weeks before you start. Teach him about wiping, flushing, etc. Let him know exactly what a potty or toilet is, how and when to use it.

Get your child really excited about toilet training. Go buy a special potty together. Some rewards, and tell him he's a big boy who won't need the potty.

Possess a reward system ready. Be it stickers, treats, or a special toy that will get your child excited. Whatever it is, have it ready and make a big deal about it.

How do I tackle working out process?

potty training tips

Odds are for those who have googling this topic, you are thinking about starting potty training or else you have already started, and feel kind of lost. You've probably already tried potty training your child but were unsuccessful often. Many children are a little more hard to train than others. They maybe stubborn, defiant, or just simply afraid.

These kind of children need a little bit more help and patience with this particular. I've written overview of the of the most popular books/programs. Sometimes getting a book or guide is exactly what works best for children that require a little bit more help with potty training. Best of luck, happy training!

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