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?Why does Balsamiq exist? Since we started in 2008, our goal is to help people form software and webpages that are easier to implement . We do this by providing software resources. teaching people about UX. and by putting together a long-lasting specialist. We like to compete on usability and customer company. We’re ideal people, and we care. What instruments does Balsamiq offer to help rid the world of bad software?# What is Balsamiq Mockups?# Balsamiq Mockups is usually a little graphical software to sketch out consumer interfaces, for internet websites and website / desktop / cell purposes. We focus over the ideation phase. providing you along with a clean instrument that allows you to get within the flow and stay focussed on structure rather than colors and icons. Mockups provides you with enough interactivity to replace prototypes most of your time, and makes it basic to collaborate and get feedback on your wireframes. How is Balsamiq Mockups supported passionately?# We are spread across the globe to offer rapidly response times. We have extensive docs. we improve the software with frequent new releases and we provide you with aid by using many channels. One can pick beginner-to-expert tutorials and documentation on our help web pages. too as pointers to books about Mockups . You could keep up with our updates by means of the release announcements on our Product blog. When you will want help, one can arrive at us in a large amount of different ways . The Balsamiq Mockups community# Mockups is the gold standard in low-cost wireframing applications these days (ask anyone). Here’s a huge list of push mentions and internet reviews. There exists a great community of passionate end users who are willing to help each individual other on our forums . Software builders have created instruments that integrate with Balsamiq Mockups. extending it in different ways like adding export to HTML/CSS/JS etc. You’re able to also acquire a sizable variety of community-contributed, ready-to-use stencils and controls for all your wireframing needs at Mockups to Go . Once you are a Mockups expert shopping for do the trick, you'll glance at these job features. If instead you might be seeking for someone to help you with your wireframing needs, here’s a list of freelancers who know how to try Mockups effectively. How does Balsamiq teach me about UX?# We partnered with UX guru and author Theresa Neil to generate uxapprentice.com. where you might learn the basics of person knowledge structure by having an very easy approach to follow, and pointers for where to learn a bit more. At any time you are working which includes a client who doesn’t understand the value of wireframes, you can actually send them this minor web page . We also have a Balsamiq UX blog. where we talk about the consumer practical experience for our products, showing what we’re thinking and how we’re evolving. To help you get inspired, we link to inspireUX and Minimal Big Details directly while in the application’s Help menu. We interview Balsamiq power-users with the Balsamiq Champions blog. and have published a totally free ebook called Balsamiq Success Stories. We also raffle free of cost tickets to UX-related conferences to our community often. Last but not least, we give you examples of software we love, by way of the the "zenware" web site . We try to do our part to foster a vibrant UX community by sponsoring sites, conferences and events. providing a costless integration with ux.stackexchange.com. and a lot more. We also try to be very upfront about our position with the competitive wireframing / prototyping software resource area. We manage a list of wireframing resources on twitter and wrote a helpful web page to help you choose the right product for you . Who’s behind Balsamiq?# We are trying to create a service we’d like to do enterprise with ourselves. We aim to be a corporation that’s human, respectful, transparent, inclusive, socially and environmentally conscious, including a brilliant citizen within the world as well as World wide web. We try to be approachable by using a clear homepage, with a good amount of way to contact us or get self-service help (like for lost License Keys or invoices ). We have been an example of transparency since the beginning, by means of our team blog and numerous interviews and talks . We try to be a fun enterprise to deal with: we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we give you fun items in our swag stores. we even give you ideas for what to make for dinner ! We are a sound, independent small software organisation. We started in 2008 as a one-man-shop. and have been growing organically ever since. We have plenty and a lot of consumers. We are equally extremely profitable and fiscally conservative. We turn absent external investors every week and have turned down serious, multi-million-dollar acquisition gives, on the grounds that we believe it is the right thing for us and for our community. We desire to stick approximately and be in this article for you, very simple as that. We have clear EULAs & Terms of Use policies, loads of clear sales-related FAQs and are PCI compliant. We are friendly to the push. considered thought leaders in our area, and often copied by others, which we track down flattering. We are very well established inside of the UX software market, with big companions (Google, Atlassian) and with superior relationships with big software resellers. How is Balsamiq trying to be a fantastic citizen?# Earliest of all, we treat our very own people VERY nicely. We always try to give every single person their ideal job. We have number of, clear and progressive organization policies. and our jobs web site tries to established the right expectations. We also do our most beneficial to treat our potential consumers properly. In fact, it’s something we explicitly compete on since working day an individual. We offer clear and affordable pricing for our applications, in addition as demo versions in addition to a usable world-wide-web demo made use of by thousands for 100 % free every working day. We also have very generous "cost-free Balsamiq" programs for classrooms. open source projects and do-gooders in general. We always include the community from the pattern and screening of new amenities, and thank them for his or her help when those options are unveiled (of course). We reply to every email / tweet / facebook message, and try to never craft to our potential customers unless it’s absolutely necessary (we hate spam and consider their Inbox sacred). We try to be a exceptional citizen in our competitive marketplace, never speaking ill of competitors, clones or software pirates. We also open source parts of our software. when we can. Last but not least, we give back again to our local communities that has a very generous supplier donation policy. In short, we’re fantastic people, and we care . Why "Balsamiq"?# Balsamic vinegar. the high-end, aged for 25+ 12 months kind, has a lot in popular with what we want our software to be: rich, smooth, pleasurable, expensive. OK our software is actually very affordable but we continue to want it to truly feel like a treat. ) Like a fine balsamic vinegar, our software can increase flavor to something else (in our case wikis and bug trackers), requires craftmanship and is made in Italy! Question for you: what else should we do to help rid the world of bad software? Got an idea for something else we could do? Let us know at support@balsamiq.com. we can’t wait to hear it!

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